2010 Invitational Results

1st Place: Sand Ridge (North West Ohio)
2nd Place: Slate Hill (ACC)
3rd Place: Orrville (Wayne County)
4th Place: Petra 2 (ACC)
5th Place E-Town 1 (ACC) and Gehmans (ACC)

Resurrection of the Dead Bracket
1st Place: Maple Grove 3 (ACC)
2nd Place: Parksburg 1 (ACC)

Final Warnings Bracket
1st Place: Chestnut Ridge (Wayne County)
2nd Place: Smithville (Wayne County)

Believers Freedom Bracket
1st Place: Weaverland 2 (ACC)
2nd Place: Popular Ridge (North West Ohio)

God of all Comfort Bracket
1st Place: Strasburg 1 (ACC)
2nd Place: Slate Hill 2 (ACC)