What is AMEC Bible Quizzing?

Bible quizzing is a 10-week youth church program that encourages young people to study the Word of God and connect with peers not only from their home church but also from other local participating churches. Students from grade 7 to age 20, under the leadership of coaches, study a pre-determined portion of Scripture each week for 8 weeks in January through March and participate in 15-question quiz matches, during which they can earn points for their team by correctly answering questions. Matches are held in various participating churches and are facilitated by volunteer staff members including a quiz master, judges, a scorekeeper, and a timekeeper. Each night begins with a time of worship and announcements and concludes with a social snack time. The regular 8-week season concludes with two tournaments: one local and one including churches from other states. While the matches and tournaments foster a fun social environment through friendly competition, the ultimate goal of Bible quizzing is to cultivate biblically literate believers who appreciate and revere God’s Word.

AMEC Quizzing formerly ACC Quizzing

This program is sponsored by the Alliance of Mennonite Evangelical Congregations (AMEC). AMEC provides oversight and accountability to the Bible quizzing program. The program had formally been sponsored by Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) for many years, but in 2021, this sponsorship transferred to AMEC. ACC no longer had many participating churches in the program and felt it was in the program’s best interest to transfer sponsorship to a different local conference that could be more involved with the program. AMEC has several participating churches in the program, understands the mission and vision of Bible quizzing, and has eagerly accepted sponsorship of the program for the coming years.

What is the Snow Policy?

Snow?  No problem… Check the home page for future snow alerts. In the case of cancellation or changes you can hear it on FM 90.3 WJTL.

Cancellations will be listed at operation snow crew-  https://wjtl.com/stationinfo/operation-snow-crew/

If the weather is bad, it is possible that quizzing will be held at 2 PM  rather than the normal 6:30 PM on a given Sunday. If the weather is questionable, please check the website or radio after 10:30 AM.